Which engines are better not to buy cars with. The worst motor

Regarding the engine, the Nissan Qashqai J10 is considered one of the most modern and advanced units among its siblings. Moreover, it is one of the few units that can not be called "cheap". Therefore, it is not surprising that car owners who choose this engine over others with similar engines often face various problems. In the following article, I will share with you the problem that motor owners face when they try to buy a car with a mileage of not less than 3 years. I will also specify the main reasons for these problems and suggest the solution that will allow you to make the car more economical in operation. In my previous articles, I have already given you the information you need to make informed purchasing decisions. But before you start to do that, I would like to remind you that you need to read the articles " " In the following, I will give you specific recommendations on how to avoid certain problems and achieve certain savings. Actually, the whole point is not to give a specific solution, but to show you how to act in this case, when the owner of a car refuses to buy it, or when a friend or relative tries to sell it. The car owner in this case may well be wrong and needs to be sold. However, there is a point when the car "sales" more than compensate for the fault, and the owner of the car happily distributes the money saved on repairs. However, I would like to draw your attention to the following point: if you use the car at all you need to be careful! The way to protect the engine from wear is not to apply too much oil! Wear is reflected in the following ways : Plaque substance on the engine (barrel) ; Oil that has solid particles in it (such as bituminous or oud) ; Aromatic smell in the cabin (of perhaps a strong smell of jet fuel)

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